"When sociobiologists start shitting in their backyards with dinner guests in the vicinity, maybe their arguments about innateness over culture will start seeming more persuasive." 

Laura Kipnis, Against Love

Massive indebtedness changes a person, maybe even more than a college education does, and it’s reasonable to suspect that the politicos who have allowed the tuition disaster to take its course know this. To saddle young people with enormous, inescapable debt - total student debt is now more than one trillion dollars - is ultimately to transform them into profit-maximizing machines. I mean, working as a schoolteacher or an editorial assistant at a publishing house isn’t going to help you chip away at that forty grand you owe.

Thomas Frank, Harpers June 2012

Ideas with authors I cannot remember.

1. Do not sing to the data; Let the data sing to you.

2. The first instance of music was early man sitting in the wilderness at night. The noises of individual creatures in the surrounding area coalesced into music when heard simultaneously from a distance by individuals.

I like this because it means the appreciation of sound as beautiful preceded the deliberate creation of music. Music being born from preexisting beauty bleeding together rather than some genius with a vision.

As early humans sat listening to all these animals in the distance, how could it have felt? If the noises coming from insects, birds, or larger animals had any meaning to humans, they probably represented a dangerous world that required constant vigilance. It seems likely that this first experience of music would not have been appreciation of a far off harmony, but a reminder of a brutal world. Music was a threat before it was a comfort.